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IMPORTANT NEWS: Rocky Forge Wind has submitted the final version of the application to the Virginia DEQ. This version includes comments received from the public and the responses of Rocky Forge Wind. The submission was made on December 2, 2016, and the DEQ now has 90 days to review the application and rule if the application is complete or incomplete. The set of submissions that Rocky Forge Wind made is available at PBR documents.

Virginians for Responsible Energy issued the following press alert to local news outlets and the Richmond Times-Dispatch: VRE NEWS RELEASE DEC 14 2016.

This page has news and opinions about wind power. Not all news items are recent, but have been reported and are still posted on the web, and are considered to still be of interest. Opinions are what they are. If you wish to bring a new item or an opinion piece to our attention, please use the Contact Us page to submit it.  We also welcome original opinions, but please be aware that our editorial review process will screen all submitted opinions for language, libel, etc.



After claims of bribery and intimidation of local officials, the New York State Attorney General  has announced a revised code of conduct for the wind industry. Violators could face fines. New York Code of Conduct for Wind Industry


New Hampshire has just adopted new state-wide regulations for the siting of wind power facilities after a two year review process. The new rules apply to wind facilities of 30 MW and larger. New Hampshire Siting Rules for Wind Power Facilities


China has suspended construction of new wind power facilities in several of its wind swept northern provinces due to problems with distribution and strains it places on the power grid. China Suspends Construction of Wind Power Facilities


A county board of health in Wisconsin declared that a wind power facility posed a “human health hazard” due to the low frequency noise and infrasound produced by the turbines. Noise from Wind Turbines Declared Human Health Hazard



A letter to the editor in the Van Wert Times Bulletin (Ohio) about the behavior of agents of a wind power company attempting to get land lease agreements. Letter to Editor, Van Wert Ohio


A letter to the editor of the Orleans Hub (New York) concerning  confidentiality agreements and land leases with wind power companies. Letter to Orleans Hub


The paper “Death by Wind” was written by Dr. David Schnare of the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy. It questions the economic legitimacy and role of wind power in reducing carbon emissions citing a couple of peer reviewed studies.