Links of Interest

In addition to the many links throughout our website, here are some additional links for sites that we have found have helpful information.

General Information

National Wind Watch – this site contains many links of information about industrial wind power, and has links to other sites in the U.S and around the world:

WindAction Group – the WindAction Group is dedicated to providing information on industrial wind energy, enabling communities and government officials to make informed decisions:

Energize Vermont – link to a video that hits every aspect of what we have learned and are concerned about, including the complicity of regulatory agencies. It is a video that every citizen and public official in Virginia needs to see. It is an extremely professional presentation. It’s quite lengthy, but please take the time to watch it all.

North American Platform Against Windpower – this organization asks for a “reality check” about the true impacts of industrial wind power:

Technical Sites

Windpower Program – a UK site that offers software for analysis of wind turbines, but has several pages that describe in detail wind turbine performance, etc.:

Virginia Sites

A quick reality check of industrial wind facilities in the mountains of Virginia: Overstated Benefits and Understated Costs

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Wind Power site:

Rockbridge Area Conservation Council –  Mission is to promote the wise stewardship and sustainable use of natural and cultural resources through education, advocacy, and action in order to protect and enhance the quality of life for present and future inhabitants of Rockbridge:

Industrial Wind Power – Issues and Concerns for Wind Turbines in Highland County:

Mountain Preservation Association – their mission is to preserve the natural and historical character of East River Mountain, the Cove, Burkes Garden, & the surrounding adjoining mountain ridges of South Western Virginia:

Rocky Forge Wind – the official site of the Rocky Forge project, presented by Apex Clean Energy, the company behind the project: