Permit by Rule Application

IMPORTANT NEWS: Rocky Forge Wind has submitted the final version of the application to the Virginia DEQ. This version includes comments received from the public and the responses of Rocky Forge Wind. The submission was made on December 2, 2016, and the DEQ now has 90 days to review the application and rule if the application is complete or incomplete. The set of submissions that Rocky Forge Wind made is available at PBR documents.

MORE IMPORTANT NEWS: Apex announced a supplemental public comment period. This period runs from Aug 4 to Sep 6, for the following 3 documents. Note that only comments on these documents will be accepted in this supplemental comment period.

Rocky Forge Piratebush Memorandum

Rocky Forge Invasive Species Report

Rocky Forge General Avian Use and Raptor Migration Survey

IMPORTANT NEWS: The public comment period for Rocky Forge has ended. Apex must now produce a document containing all of the comments and their responses. When that document becomes available, we will post it here.

The following documents were provided by Apex Clean Energy, LLC to the DEQ to fulfill the requirement of the PBR process. These documents are documents to be used by the public in submitting comments during the public comment period.

Please note that Attachment 11A was split into ten parts due to size restrictions on our web server.

Also note that Attachment 7A(1.1) is not available on this site. This is because it contains location information about bat hibernacula which is considered confidential information by the DEQ.

PBR Ssubmittal Cover Letter

Rocky Forge Wind PBR Application

Attachment 1 – PBR Notice of Intent

Attachment 2A – Notice of Approval of Botetourt County SEP

Attachment 2B – Land Use Compliance Certification

Attachment 3A – Feasibility Study Report

Attachment 3B – System Impact Study

Attachment 4 Interim ISA

Attachment 5 Certification of Max Generation Capacity

Attachment 7A(1.2) VFWIS Database Information

Attachment 7A(2.1) Breeding Bird Survey

Attachment 7A(2.2) Aerial Nest Survey

Attachment 7A(4) General Avian Use and Raptor Migration Survey

Attachment 7A(6) Bat Acoustic Survey

Attachment 7A(7) Mist Net and Additional Acoustic Survey

Attachment 7C(1) – DCR Natural Heritage Report

Attachment 7C(2) Visual Assessment Report

Attachment 7B Cultural Resources Survey_Redacted

Attachment 8 Mitigation Plan

Attachment 9 Certification of Design Incorporating Mitigation

Attachment 10 O&M Plan

Attachment 11A Cover Sheet

Attachment 11A Site Plan part 1

Attachment 11A Site Plan part 2

Attachment 11A Site Plan part 3

Attachment 11A Site Plan part 4

Attachment 11A Site Plan part 5

Attachment 11A Site Plan part 6

Attachment 11A Site Plan part 7

Attachment 11A Site Plan part 8

Attachment 11A Site Plan part 9

Attachment 11A Site Plan part 10